Tracing the MCU Timeline of That Important Captain Marvel Artifact - Fri 15 Mar 00:40 GMT

Aside from the fact that it stars Carol Danvers, a hero we know will team up with the Avengers in Endgame next month, Captain Marvel’s wider connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe don’t really become clear until quite a bit into the movie. If you’ve got…

Tracing the MCU Timeline of That Important Captain Marvel Artifact

  (Avengers: Infinity War) The Guardians of the Galaxy witness a recording of a Celestial wielding the Power Stone.Image: Marvel Studios Ancient History: Multiple cosmic civilizations, including the Celestials, wield the Space stone after its power is contained by the crystalline cube known as the Tesseract (who made the containment vessel is, so far, unknown).

  (Captain America: The First Avenger) Red Skull makes a very big mistake.Image: Marvel Studios 1945, Arctic Ocean: Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, and Schmidt, now known as the Hydra supersoldier Red Skull, battle over the Tesseract in the airship Valkyrie.

  (Captain America: The First Avenger) Howard Stark recovers the Tesseract.Image: Marvel Studios 1980s, Nevada: Project PEGASUS, a joint operation between the United States Airforce and NASA, is formed after the U.S. government comes into possession of the Tesseract.

  (Captain Marvel) Captain Carol Danvers gets a big ol’ wave of Tesseract energy smashed into her.GIF: Captain Marvel 1995, Earth Orbit: Danvers, having escaped Skrull captivity in the wake of a mission gone wrong, crash lands on Earth.

  (Captain Marvel) The portal-opening powers of the Tesseract are tested at SHIELD and PEGASUS’ Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility.Image: Marvel Studios 2012, Mojave Desert: The Tesseract is eventually relocated to a SHIELD facility, where tests are conducted in an attempt to unlock its energies.