Rachel's Twins from 'Friends' Are Teen Movie Actors Now - TIME
Time - Thu 10 Jan 19:17 GMT

Rachel's Twins from 'Friends' Are Teen Movie Actors Now - TIME

The twin babies who played Rachel's daughter Emma on 'Friends' are now in Jordan Peele's new movie 'Us' alongside Lupita Nyong'o.

  Just yesterday, it might seem, Jennifer Aniston was still playing her iconic role as Rachel Green on Friends — and her baby on the beloved sitcom, Emma Geller-Green, was played by a set of twins named Noelle and Cali Sheldon.

  Fourteen years later, and the Sheldon sisters are set to be back on screen, now age 16 — and this time in a movie, not a TV show.

  For child actors who got their start without a speaking role, that’s a pretty good development on the career front.

  It’s not clear what roles they play yet — while their names are listed on the movie’s IMDB, the character names remains mysteriously blank — but we’ll all soon know when the thriller comes out in March.

  And with that, our memories of baby Emma will be forever changed.