Paramount Has Canceled 'Star Trek 4,' And Disney's 'Star Wars' Is To Blame - Forbes - Thu 10 Jan 18:51 GMT

Paramount Has Canceled 'Star Trek 4,' And Disney's 'Star Wars' Is To Blame - Forbes

Once 'Star Wars' returned to theaters, there was no longer a need for 'Star Trek' movies that played like 'Star Wars' flicks.

  To the extent that the new Star Trek movies were filling a hole left by the divisively-received Star Wars prequels (and the lack of Matrix or Lord of the Rings-type franchises), the return of the genuine article negated the need for new Star Trek movies that could approximate Star Trek-level sci-fi wonkery with Star Wars-worthy blockbuster thrills.

  By the time Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond entered theaters in the summer of 2016 with strong reviews and fan approval, the key trump cards (Star Trek movies that played like Star Wars movies, the relative paucity of blockbusters on the scale of Star Trek into Darkness, the inability of TV sci-fi to offer comparative action and spectacle) were off the table.

  Star Trek Beyond was no longer remotely special, as either a big-budget blockbuster fantasy action franchise among many (a problem that befell many big movies in the summer of Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence and Ghostbusters) or as a Star Trek movie that was on the same playing field as Star Wars.

  Once Star Wars rode back into town, there was no reason for general audiences to get excited about another “new” Star Trek movie.

  Just as Star Trek Nemesis paled in comparison to the Star Wars prequels, the Harry Potter flicks, Spider-Man and Lord of the Rings, so too does Star Trek no longer play as an event movie alongside The Last Jedi, Avengers: Infinity War and Aquaman.