Men in Black: International Is a Galaxy of Fun for a New Generation - Wed 12 Jun 14:09 GMT

Men in Black: International will not be the best movie you see this year. There are plot issues, character arcs go unfinished, and the ending felt rushed. But it’s still a campy, cool sci-fi spy thriller—one that coasts on the natural charisma of Tessa Thomps…

Men in Black: International Is a Galaxy of Fun for a New Generation

  Instead, the movie decides to cast much of its fuckery onto Agent H (Hemsworth).

  A shot from one of the movie’s coolest action sequences.Photo: Giles Keyte (Sony) Agents M and H are thrust into the middle of a conspiracy, which they fear could involve the Men in Black itself.

  I know some fans will be disappointed that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones aren’t back for this movie (although there’s a lovely tribute to them), but Thompson and Hemsworth were the right actors to don the shades and become the new tag team.

  I get that the movie wants to spend time with H and M, they’re the stars, but if you’re going to center H’s emotional arc around his relationship with High T, it has to be earned.

  But Men in Black: International isn’t a movie that needs to be perfect in order to be worth your time.