How 'Green Book' Became the Most Controversial Oscars Movie of the Year - The Daily Beast - Sat 12 Jan 03:41 GMT

How 'Green Book' Became the Most Controversial Oscars Movie of the Year - The Daily Beast

From a star using the N-word, the director flashing his dong, and a writer tweeting 9/11 conspiracies, the feel-good race drama is now a feel-angry lightning rod. What happened?

  On that latter point first: Nick Vallelonga, who co-wrote the Green Book screenplay, helped produce the film, and is the real-life son of film subject Frank “Tony Lip” Vallelonga, had replied to Donald Trump on Twitter in a November 2015 tweet falsely corroborating Trump’s allegation that Muslim people in Jersey City were seen cheering as the Twin Towers fell across the river on 9/11.

  The fact that Vallelonga’s tweet was sent several years ago has led some to wonder if it’s fair to litigate it in the context of Green Book’s awards season now, to which we say of course it is fair.

  (That Green Book star Mahershala Ali, who plays Dr. Shirley, is a Muslim doesn’t make the tweet any more offensive, but it certainly makes the entire controversy more head-slappingly unbelievable.)

  (That Green Book ends with title cards catching audiences up on later developments in Dr. Shirley and Vallelonga’s lives does tend to telegraph that what you had seen was some sort of narrative of record.)

  In fact, the more people criticize the film the louder the supporters become, which has contributed to a peculiarly harsh discourse surrounding the film that is certainly at odds with the tenor of conversation Green Book’s very plot and themes champion.