Captain Marvel "Planting Seeds" for Secret Invasion Hijinks - The Mary Sue - Sat 12 Jan 04:03 GMT

Captain Marvel "Planting Seeds" for Secret Invasion Hijinks - The Mary Sue

"But are we planting seeds for future movies? Always."

  For those who need a quick refresher, the Secret Invasion arc follows a Skrull attempt to invade Earth by kidnapping and adopting the guises of many of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

  We already know Skrulls are on Earth and starting to infiltrate SHIELD in Captain Marvel, which neatly lays the groundwork for a further story involving them.

  Carol, T’Challa, Peter Parker, and Scott are the only major heroes who I’m sure will be alright after the final Endgame credits roll, and until then, I’m not about to scream that Steve Rogers or Bruce Banner are actually Skrulls (though Bruce could be a possible twist there).

  There’s a great Twitter theory rolling around that Scott is a Skrull, because a) how did he get out of the quantum realm without help, and b) he’s smiling like the old woman Skrull in the Captain Marvel trailer.

  We don’t know who is a Skrull, who isn’t a Skrull, and even whether or not we’ll get a Skrull reveal at any point during Endgame or future films.